Every day is a good day - T-shirts.

Every day is a good day - T-shirts.

 "Every Day is a Good Day" | Tee-shirt.

by MediaEclat™



Tee-shirt Cost - $31.99

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And also....
Already for the influx of Cicadas? 
From<Brood X - Wikipedia>
From<Experts warn emerging Brood X cicadas will spark rat explosion in 15 states – The Hill>
From<Brood XIII and Brood XIX: What to expect from 2024’s rare double brood emergence of cicadas | CNN>
From<Ever 221 Years, Billions Of Cicadas Appear In A Rare Natural Event, And This Phenomenon Should Be Finished By Early July (msn.com)>
"The increased availability of food, Evans and his team theorize, might result in increased numbers of heartier and healthier chicks surviving to adulthood."
From<17-year Cicadas: Bird Buffet or Big Disturbance? | Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (si.edu)>
Just a Saying ~'~ Economics


"Why? Cicadas are delicious, if you’re a rat (or even a human), but then…they go away. When that happens, rats will inevitably go looking for new food sources, like your garbage."

From<Here Come the Cicada Rats - Washingtonian>


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3. Personalized Tee-shirts ~ Personalized Tee-shirts for your company or organization. | Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee

Ok, now about personalized tee-shirts, please contact me at this link Ask to Join me live and online in an initiative to develop or supply tee-shirts for your organization. Click here, to connect with me! Let's talk, T-shirts.
1. Post customization request.
       2. Product negotiation and payment
    4. Completed and SKU.
3. Sample inspection
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