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3 Lead Holter ECG Monitor Machine Recorder Analyzer Sync Software TLC5007

3 Lead Holter ECG Monitor Machine Recorder Analyzer Sync Software TLC5007

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Dynamic ECG Systems adopt 3-lead, which can continuously record ECG waveform for 24-hour and analyze ECG waveform by the PC software. It is applicable for use in medical institution and community.

1)The recorder can real-time store ECG data for 24-hour.
2)Arrhythmia analysis basing on MCSSTM and TMCATM can greatly reduce doctor’s work.
3)With more than 10 templates(such as atrial premature beat, ventricular premature beat, long interval, atrial fibrillation, etc.) and many user-defined modules, which can almost distinguish any kind of pathologic waveforms.
4)Flexible analysis channel selection function, which ensures that any channels can be selected as the main analysis channel.
5)Flexible atrial fibrillation analysis, which ensures that physicians can use the whole or segmented AUTO/manual analysis, more accurate in atrial fibrillation analysis.
6)All pacemakers(such as AAI, VVI, DDD etc.) can be analyzed by the powerful pacemaker analysis function.
7)With many pacing analysis templates, such as “Dual chamber pacing”, “Atrial pacing”, “Ventricular pacing”, “Ventricular Pseudofusion” and “Ventricular asynchronous pacing”, etc.
8)Single or full-lead ECG in any time bucket can be reviewed by the fast review analysis function.
9)With analysis functions for 5-minute, 1-hour and 24-hour heart rate variability.
10)One-key print, convenient and fast to print the reports.
11)Perfect case management function.
12)The risk of sleep breath pause can be predicted by the unique "Sleep breath pause syndrome"analysis function.
13)The death risk in patients with myocardial infarction can be predicted by the "HRT" analysis function.
14)“T-Wave alternation” is an important index to predict the malignant arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death

Lead: 3-lead
Record time: ≥24-hour
Power supply: two “AA” alkaline batteries
Interface: USB2.0
Sampling accuracy: 24bit
Sampling frequency: 250Hz
Dynamic range: 10mV
Input impedance: ≥10MΩ
CMR: ≥60dB
Gain accuracy: At all possible gain settings, the maximum amplitude error of the output is ±10%
Gain stability: One minute after energizing the device, the gain change in stable ambient conditions shall not exceed 3% over a 24h period.
System noise: ≤50µVp-p
Multichannel crosstalk: ≤0.2mV
Frequency response: The amplitude response to sinusoidal signals within the frequency range 0.05Hz to 40Hz shall be between the +3dB to -3dB of the response at 5 Hz.
Minimum measure signal: 50 µV
With the function in the presence of pacemaker pulses
Timing accuracy: the overall error during 24h shall not exceed 30s.

Lead cable (1 set)
ECG electrode (1 bag)
USB cable(1)
User manual(1)

Physical characteristic
Dimension: 111mm(L) × 61mm(W) × 25mm(H)
Weight: about 105g

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