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90000mAh Solar Generator Power Supply Station 300W Portable Auxiliary Battery Power Bank Inverter USB C PD for Outdoor Camping

90000mAh Solar Generator Power Supply Station 300W Portable Auxiliary Battery Power Bank Inverter USB C PD for Outdoor Camping

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Brand Name: MEIYULIN

Set Type: Charger Sets

Model Number: 300W

Nominal Capacity: >3500mAh

Type: Li-polymer

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Certification: UL

Replacement Battery: No

Battery Number: 1

Origin: Mainland China

Bundle: Bundle 1

Battery Core manufacturer: Other

Display screen: Yes

Size: F

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Model:300W power station

Battery model: LiFePO4 Battery

1.Battery capacity: 90000mAh/333Wh

2.Rated pow:300W

3.AC Output ;110V 60 hz/220V 50hz

4.DC Output:9V~12V-10A

5.PD Output:15W

6.USB Output:5V/2.1A QC 3.0 Fast charging

7.input charging power:CC/CV 15V 4A


9.Net weight: 3.5kg


Model:180W power station

Battery model: ternary lithium battery

•Battery Capacity:32000mAh/118.4Wh

•Retad Power:180W

•PD Input:65W max

•AC Output:220V-50Hz / 110V-60

•USB1 Output:5V 3A,9V 2A,12V 1.5A 18W(Max)

•USB2 Output:5V-2A-Max

•PD Output:65W max

•Led Lighting:3W

•Product certification:CE FCC ROHS UL2743 UN38.3

•Product size:

32000mAh /48000mAh :190mm*115mm*90mm

•Product weight:

32000mAh :1.5kg/1pcs

Advantage:Support solar panel to charge power,Powerful,power supply for many kinds of Electronic equipment,OutDoor Use,It's very convenient to use outdoors.Safe, efficient,reliable and durable,OutDoor Lighting,Multiple night lighting modes,Make sure,Fearless of the night,SOS flashing warning,Emergency lighting,Special Features,Safe and efficient,Fast charging,Intelligent temperature control,Smart chip,Multiple security protection,Support AC/DC/USB Output

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