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AC solar energy dual-use aeration pump

AC solar energy dual-use aeration pump

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product description:

1. This product is an AC / DC dual-use aeration pump. It adopts a pure copper movement, a high-quality lithium battery, and a cycle life of up to 500 times. It has the characteristics of small size, low noise, large gas volume, and long life. It can be continuous when fully charged. Use 24 hours.

2. The internal circuit is intelligently controlled by imported single-chip microcomputer, with constant voltage and constant current charging, overcharge and over discharge protection, low power alarm, high safety factor,

3. Widely used for aeration of fish in various ornamental fishes, aquariums, fish farming enthusiasts, company aquariums, and family fish farming. It is especially suitable for emergency aeration in the event of power outage, as well as the aeration function of wild fishing and small-scale aquatic transportation.



1. Long press the power switch (press for 3 seconds), the blue light is on, then start oxygen, at this time for long-term oxygen mode,

2. Press the power switch (press once again) to switch to the intermittent mode in the aerobic mode ((stop mode for 2 seconds, cycle mode for 8 seconds with oxygen)),

3. Charging: Please use the USB2.0 adapter charging head to charge the product. When the voltage is insufficient, the blue light changes to a red light display and enters a blinking state, which means that the voltage is insufficient. Please charge in time. You can also charge oxygen while charging. That is oxygen while charging.


Product parameters: AP003

Charging input: DC 5V / 1A

Battery capacity: 3.7V / 3600mA / h

Air pressure: 0.15mpa

Air volume: 2L / min

Product size: 100 * 80 * 38mm

Product weight: 560g

Neutral packaging size: 145 * 155 * 85mm. English manual.

Packaging standard: hose * 1, check valve * 1, bubble stone * 1, charging cable * 1, foot pad * 4, hanging buckle * 1, screw * 1, solar panel * 1


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