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Antique tea set kung fu boiling teapot

Antique tea set kung fu boiling teapot

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(Name) Peach Blossom
[Material] cast iron
[Capacity] 1200ML

Method 1: Boil tap water. Wash the new pot and boil water 3-5 times until
The boiled water can be opened without impurities and odor
Method 2: Make tea and open the pot. Put the Pu'er raw tea into the iron pot and boil for about 10 minutes for the first time. After boiling, pour the water out of the pot. Repeat the above 2-3 times until water
Just transparent
1: Fill with seven minutes when using (anti-spill)

2: Don't add it at a time under the high temperature of the pot during use.
Into cold water (anti-cracking)

3: Be sure to dry the pot after each use (anti-rust)

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