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Battery Pack 12v 200ah For Solar Energy Storage

Battery Pack 12v 200ah For Solar Energy Storage

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Nominal Voltage:12.8 V
Nominal Capacity (40°C , 0.5C):200 Ah
Normal energy (40°C , 0.5C):2560 Wh
Size:Length*Width* Height:520*267*220mm
Max. constant current:80A
Cut-off voltage:10.0V
Charge Voltage:14.6V
Max. constant current:80A
Recommended charging current and time:20A(0.1C) for 10 hours
Charging: 0℃~55℃
Discharging: -20℃~65℃
Recommended range: -20℃~55℃

1. The Lifepo4 battery pack is a new type of environmentally friendly backup power system focusing on short-term high-rate discharge scenarios.
2. Environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery equipped with high-performance BMS. BMS adopts imported chips and MOS, with equalization function and double protection, and has a wide range of performance and application advantages compared with traditional batteries.
3. It has low internal resistance and high and flat voltage characteristics during high current discharge, ensuring a wider range of applications.
4. All are Class A batteries with longer cycle life and comprehensive inspection before shipment.

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Battery pack*1

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