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Beat Garlic Vegetable Cutter Mixer Kitchen Tool

Beat Garlic Vegetable Cutter Mixer Kitchen Tool

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Product information:
Product Category: Juicing/Stirring/Cooking Machine
Capacity: Below 10 liters
Function: Juicing, minced meat, egg beating, milkshake, stirring, dry grinding, cutting vegetables
Color: 3L stainless steel cup
Type of Juicing/Stirring/Cooking Machine: Stirring
Item No.: A4
Speed adjustment gear: 3 gears
Rated voltage: 220 (V)
Rated power: 300 (W)
Product size: 21*21*27cm
Power: Below 800W
Mixing blade: Double mixing blade
Energy efficiency rating: Level 4
Scale mark: mark on the inner wall
Usage: semi-automatic
Speed: 12000 rpm

Main unit, meat grinder, stainless steel cup, egg beater x1

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