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Boys'Room Self Adhesive Wall Stickers

Boys'Room Self Adhesive Wall Stickers

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Life waterproof;
Double-sided visual pattern;
Green wall stickers!
 1:1 transfer membrane
Scope of application: lacquer. Ceramic wall surface/smooth metal surface/flat smooth surface/glass surface (non-frosted)/ wall brick surface/smooth plastic surface
Scope of not applicable: gray wall/wooden wall/large particle uneven place/uneven surface/paint surface/textile, no
Specifications :(A) Eat Sleep Game Trilogy 55*71cm,(B) Heart-shaped Game 57*57cm,(C) Gamer Remote 30*45cm,(D) Long Line Game 30*57cm,(E)55*71cm, (F)Sleep 24*56cm,(G) Keep Coffee 37*56cm

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