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Cold And Warm Nail Phototherapy Machine

Cold And Warm Nail Phototherapy Machine

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1. With 180W high power, the greater the power of the nail lamp, the faster the nails will dry.

2.4 Modes can be selected: UV mode, UV + cold fan mode, UV + warm fan mode and dry mode.

3. The hot and cold mode design allows you to enjoy manicure in winter and summer.

4.6 Timing setting and touch screen, the built-in LED display shows the curing time, you can set the low heat mode of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds or 150 seconds to ensure that you are doing nail art safely and comfortably.

5. The uv nail lamp has an intelligent infrared sensor, which can be started automatically without pressing any buttons.

6. The heat dissipation hole can avoid overheating. Our UV LED nail lamp provides temperature protection for your hands.

7.60 lamp beads full cover, you can use the whole hand or foot evenly at one time, including the thumb, don’t worry about the side not being solidified

8. Curing various gels: Our nail polish dryer can use curing nail UV gel, nail repair gel, nail carving gel, rhinestone glue, shellac and LED nail gel and other gels

9. Suitable for home and salon use. It's also a good gift for friends

10. A large enough space can heal two hands at the same time, without worrying about bumping or tilting.

11. The detachable bottom plate design can be easily attached to the feet, and it is easy to clean after the nails are dry

Product information:

Power: 180W high power 15 seconds quick drying
Wavelength: 365NM/405NM
Wavelength: 365NM/405NM
Input: AC100240V, 50/60HZ, 2.5A
Output: DC24V, 25A
Material: ABS

Size Information:
Product size: 262* 206* 110MM

Packing list:

 1*nail phototherapy machine+1*adapter

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