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Concentric Lock Lipstick Embossed Matte

Concentric Lock Lipstick Embossed Matte

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Product Details:
Color Classification:
1 Style: M520 I Love You (Syrup Tomato) - Xueyu Streamer Custom Appearance
2 styles: M1314 for a lifetime (red maple persimmon)
3 styles: M1311 wholeheartedly (sweet apricot peach)
4 styles: M520 I love you (syrup tomato)
5 Styles: M7319 Love is Still (Berry Wine Red)
6 styles: M131 Jiangxian lock (sweet pepper and hawthorn)
7 style: M210 Danxia lock (sunset orange orange)
8 style: M1666 smooth sailing (brown red berries)
9 styles: M1888 is full of richness (retro berry red)
10 styles: [1 pair of 2 lipstick gift box] 520 love version (2 concentric lock lipsticks: M520+M1314+ eyebrow chalk 05+ 14 cotton pads)
11 Styles: [3 pairs of 6 lipstick gift boxes] 1314 Long Love Edition (6 Concentric Lock Lipsticks: M520+M317+M7319+M1311+M1314+M3334+ Eyebrow Chalk 05+ Cotton 49 Pieces)
Efficacy: Not easy to decolorize, easy to color, enhance complexion
Style: basic
Specification Type: Normal Specification
Pattern: plain

Package Contents:
As shown in the picture x1

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