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Disposable latex gloves

Disposable latex gloves

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Model: 50 pairs/box
Material: Latex

1. Sturdy, high-quality latex nitrile rubber gloves are beneficial to us. Unbelievably stretch all types of hands without tearing, squeezing or poking nails. Thick enough to make the hands dry and soft, without odor, stickiness or residual residue.
2. Comfortable fit-fit your skin and provide excellent protection. Latex rubber gloves have chemical resistance and puncture resistance, which can provide a higher level of protection against liquids, gases, oils, greases and sharp objects.
3. Easy to use-they are symmetrical (suitable for left or right). Easy to open, easy to install, and can be quickly removed even when wet. The convenient dispenser keeps the gloves clean and tidy and easy to operate. 50 pairs of gloves per box.
4. Multi-purpose-these latex-free gloves can be used as hair dyeing gloves, work gloves, gardening gloves, dishwashing gloves, cleaning gloves, children's gardening gloves, mechanical gloves, kitchen gloves, cooking gloves, gloves, food gloves, inspection gloves, beauty Doctor gloves, food preparation gloves, dye gloves, dental gloves and tattoo gloves. Make your consumables or consumables the perfect cleaner!

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