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Energy magnetic therapy copper bracelet

Energy magnetic therapy copper bracelet

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Name: Pure copper bracelet

Color: bronze

Magnetotherapy, a method in which a magnetic field acts on a human body to treat a disease. The magnetic field affects the current distribution of the human body, the movement of charged particles, the permeability of the membrane system, and the magnetic moment orientation of the biopolymer, which changes the physiological and biochemical processes of the tissue cells, produces analgesia, swelling, and promotes blood and lymph circulation. And so on.



Ten effects of magnetic therapy:


1. Promote cell metabolism, activate cells, and then accelerate the exudation of waste and harmful substances inside cells.


2. Balanced internal drainage system (internal environment).


3. Promotes blood circulation and improves the state of microcirculation.


4. Promote inflammation and reduce the pain of inflammation, redness, heat and pain.


5. Two-way conditioning of blood pressure, especially in high blood pressure.


6. Promotes the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells and reduces blood viscosity.


7. Strengthen and improve the body's immune function and enhance the body's defense against disease.


8. It has anti-aging (antioxidant) effect and eliminates free radicals accumulated in the body.


9. Improve blood lipid metabolism and reduce cholesterol 磁性手镯

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