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High Precision Security Scanner Station Inspection Machine Detector

High Precision Security Scanner Station Inspection Machine Detector

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Electrical outlet

Product information:

Power supply: 9 (V)
Alarm mode: sound and light alarm
Measuring range: 50MM
Detect metal size: Pin
Dimensions: 410*85*45 (mm)
Applicable scope: stations, subways, schools, factories to metal security checkpoints
Type: Metal detector


1, simple operation, convenient, stable performance, low failure rate.
2. There are two kinds of sensitivity, high and low. Sensitivity can be adjusted according to site requirements.
3. There are two alarm methods: sound and vibration
4, low power consumption, continuous operation for 40 hours. Automatic continuous sound or vibration alarm when the battery is used up;
5, with startup, shutdown sound or vibration prompt function;
6, the use of batteries, can be connected to the external charger function (charger optional)
7. When the electric quantity becomes low, the detection distance remains unchanged. Stable performance.
8, equipped with a leather case, can be hung in the waist, convenient for outdoor public occasions and other scenes, easy to operate, better than ring sensor type hand probe.
9. The enterprise has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification
10. The products have passed the EU CE certification
11. The products meet the quality standards of the Ministry of Public Security for safety and police electronic products

Packing list:

1*Metal detector

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