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Hot Sale Bible Poetry Christian Mural Canvas Painting

Hot Sale Bible Poetry Christian Mural Canvas Painting

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1. Canvas painting is a painting drawn or printed on a canvas made of cotton fabric or hemp plant.
2. Canvas is a thicker cotton or linen fabric. It is named after it was originally used for sails. The plain weave is generally used, and the twill weave is used in a small amount. Multi-strand yarns are used for warp and weft.
3. Canvas painting printing and dyeing technology is divided into painting and environmental protection printing and dyeing.
4. Painted canvas painting is the printing technique of early canvas painting. The quality is rough, the color does not exceed 4 colors, the production cycle is long, and each painting needs to be colored by hand.
5. After completion, environmental protection printing and dyeing is an environmental protection layer printing and dyeing technology, with rich colors, clear patterns, short production cycle, and a certain appreciation and use value.

Product information:
Material: Non-woven fabric
shape: Rectangle
Pattern: Bible
Mounting method: Frameless
Picture format: Plane
Painting core material: Canvas
Frame number: Single frame
Decorative painting craft: Inkjet
Specification: HC1030 only draw core

Size information:
size: 13x18cm painting core, 15x21cm painting core, 20x25 cm painting core, 21x30cm painting core, 30x40cm painting core, 30x42cm painting core, 40x50cm painting core, 42x60cm painting core, 50x70cm painting core, 60x80cm

Packing list: 

Canvas painting x1

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