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Household Lighting Radio Outdoor Flashlight Emergency

Household Lighting Radio Outdoor Flashlight Emergency

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Product information:

3LED lights, each with a brightness of 12000 MCD and 5 LM. The flashlight has a variety of functions: FM radio, alarm, mobile phone charging, USB external power supply to charge the flashlight, which is Applicable to the first aid kit. Hand shake for 1 minute and flashlight for 30 minutes Listen to the radio for 10 minutes, alarm for 5 minutes, and phone call for 20 seconds. USB charging for 3 hours, LED Continuous lighting for 5 hours, listening to the radio for 4 hours, and built-in 3.6V/250MA lithium battery.
Product size: 14.5X5.5X4CM
Product weight: 127g


1: Environmental protection and energy conservation, reject environmental pollution
2: Three high brightness LED lamps for lighting
3: With manual charging, no need to replace the battery (built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
4: With FM radio, listen to your favorite frequency at any time
5: Novel appearance, small size, light weight, portable and convenient operation
6: Suitable for vehicles, travel, camping, mining, disaster relief and other occasions without power supply

Packing list:

Radio * 1 charging cable * 1 instruction manual * 1

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