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LED Backpack With Its Own Bluetooth Audio

LED Backpack With Its Own Bluetooth Audio

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LED screen dot matrix resolution: 64*64;
Size of the main board of the screen: 250*250MM;
Display size: 237*237MM;
graphic support: text, pictures, animation (GIF format), graphic combinations;
communication mode: Bluetooth communication (cell phone APP);
Operating voltage: 5V;
Maximum operating current: 1.5A;
Power supply: universal rechargeable power supply;
language type: support for multiple languages, Chinese, traditional, English, Russian, French, Italian, Latin, Japanese, Spanish (Song), German (Song) Portuguese (Song, etc.), Korean, Thai;

1、Lightweight and convenient: send content anytime, anywhere, simple operation and striking effect;
2, moderately bendable: the product can be moderately bent, which can ensure the clarity of the holiday and the perfection of the display effect;
3, wearability: shoulder bag capacity, can accommodate a day out of the necessities, breathable not stuffy, lightweight and convenient does not affect the work;
4, power supply: powered by universal rechargeable battery, 10000 mA rechargeable battery standby time of more than 6 hours;
5, waterproof: the front of the product with high-quality TPU waterproof cloth, super waterproof;
6, rich display content: text module optional dazzling fonts, picture module with path way, animation module optional play times, graphic combination with a fixed template can be selected, material library preset a large number of pictures and animation.

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