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Mu Tao Japanese Shino Yaki Tea Caddy

Mu Tao Japanese Shino Yaki Tea Caddy

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Product information:
Uses: food cans
Metal material: stainless steel
Color: Shiye Chacang[Short Style] Shino Chakura[High Style]

Note: the price is more than 50$, not responsible for any after-sales, mind not to shoot

Size Information:
Short model: caliber: 5cm height: 7cm bottom diameter: 7cm capacity: about 50 grams
High model: caliber: 5.2cm height: 9.5cm bottom diameter: 6.2cm capacity: about 50 grams

The Shiye glaze is thick overall and the glaze color is retro. The porcelain clay of this tea cup is made of very good materials. The texture is retro and the color is rich. Tea customers who love Ru kiln porcelain are not to be missed.

Packing list:
Storage tank X1

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