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Outdoor Emergency Emergency Blanket Survival Insulation

Outdoor Emergency Emergency Blanket Survival Insulation

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Product information:
Material: PET film + coating
Color: silver

Size Information:
Storage volume: 11*2*8cm
Area: 210X160cm
Thickness: 0.01197 (mm)=11.97um

Used in a low temperature environment, it is reflective and easier for rescuers to find. It is actually a survival tool in the wild. Adding a layer to the sleeping bag can keep warm, which is good for ensuring the Sleeping temperature.

This product is a general emergency life-saving product, suitable for field exploration, investigation, tourism, and disasters. It is easy to carry, compact, beautiful and practical.

Use occasions of emergency blanket:
1. After an accident occurs, the body can be covered with an emergency blanket, and the body temperature will drop sharply;
2. When the vehicle breaks down in a cold area or at night, you can use an emergency blanket to keep your body warm;
3. The emergency blanket can be used as a reflective film to send a signal to rescuers;
4. In rainy days, the emergency blanket can be used as a rain poncho; it can be opened as a rain shed;
5. Parking under direct sunlight in summer, cover the front windshield of the car with an emergency blanket to reduce heat absorption in the car;
6. Put an emergency blanket in the sleeping bag to keep warm;
7. Other suitable occasions.

Packing list:
Emergency blanket*1

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