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Rescue Solar Energy Safety Hammer Flashlight

Rescue Solar Energy Safety Hammer Flashlight

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Product information:
Material: aluminum alloy
Battery capacity: 2000MAH
Power supply form: charging
Power: 8W
Light source form: LED
Dimensions: head 45mm * tube body 31mm * tail 33mm * total length 197mm

1 The front lamp has full light, half light, burst flash mode and American CREE XPE LED. Spotlight 200m
2. The side white light adopts 10 2835 chip LEDs. Single 0.2W, 10 feet 2W (full light and half light modes)
3. The side red light adopts 10 bright 2835 chip LEDs. Wavelength 620-625 (fast flash and slow flash modes)
4. The left side of the head is equipped with a high hardness alloy safety hammer, which can easily break the window glass.
5. The right side of the head is equipped with a cutter. In case of emergency, it can be easily cut off to bring escape.
6. At the same time, the side of the head is equipped with a strong magnet. It can be easily adsorbed on the car shell or iron parts for easy use.
7. The central part is equipped with 5V 50MA monocrystalline silicon solar panel. The battery can be charged.
8. The tail is equipped with a compass, which is convenient for outdoor use.
9. Unscrew the international Android charging interface at the bottom of the tail to charge the built-in battery.
10. At the same time, the flashlight has USB output function, which can charge digital devices such as mobile phones when going out.

Packing list:
Flashlight+charging line+manual X1PCS

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