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S167 folding GPS positioning UAV

S167 folding GPS positioning UAV

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Size: Expanded size: 37.5X39x8.5cm
Folded size: 21x18x8.5cm
Flight performance: GPS satellite positioning, out-of-control return flight, low-power return flight, one-click return flight
Simultaneous viewing of mobile phone pictures, support for taking pictures and videos, and saving images on mobile phones
Aerial video short video music MV generation, aerial video short video editing micro movies
Give it a storage bag, take it with you-record the beautiful moments of aerial photography

Use battery
Body battery: 7.4V 1300 mAh lithium battery
Remote charging, built-in lithium battery, cycle charging
way to control
Handle remote control. Mobile phone AP control / rechargeable remote control
Remote control signal
wifi 5G/2.4G remote control
Battery life
About 20 minutes
Charging time
About 80 minutes
Remote distance
About 0-800 meters

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