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Shell Anklet Bracelet

Shell Anklet Bracelet

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Where is the originality of the shell bracelet? First of all, it is convenient to obtain materials, but it is not abusive; the materials can be directly shells, but after choosing rough shells, you need to choose carefully and correctly choose the shells that suit you. The exquisite shells are also loved by many young people nowadays.

Another feature of the bracelet is that it uses calcium carbonate as the main component, which is not easily damaged in the air, but it is necessary to avoid direct contact with acidic substances, which will corrode the shells.


Style: European and American
Material: Shell
Type: Bracelet
Style: Unisex
Modeling: Shell
Health function: other
Packaging: Individually packed
Applicable gift-giving occasions: travel commemoration, anniversary celebration, business gift
Print LOGO: Yes
Custom processing: Yes
Inlaid material: ornaments
Color: black, white, pink, royal blue, rose red, sky blue

Package Content:

1*Shell bracelet

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