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Solar Hand-cranked Multifunctional Emergency Light

Solar Hand-cranked Multifunctional Emergency Light

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Technical parameter:
1. Solar powered, under (20,000LUX) sunlight, it can generate 5.5V/35MAH electricity.
2. Hand-cranked power generation: 120-140 revolutions per minute, which can generate electricity above 5.5V/350MAH.
3. Camping lights: 8LED X15, 000-18, 000MCD
4. Radio frequency: FM: 87.5---108MHZ or 76---90MHZ, AM: 20-1650KHZ
6.DC OUT 5V mobile phone charging port
7. Internal rechargeable battery: 1200MAH/3.7V
8. Dry battery AA1.5V X3 section
9. Body size: 105x105x205mm
10. Product net weight: 300g

1. Short press the LED light switch once, the camping lamp is in energy-saving working state, short press twice, the camping lamp is in the super bright state, press the camping lamp again to turn off.
2. First stretch the antenna, then set the switch to the FM or AM position, then turn the power volume switch clockwise to turn on the radio; at the same time, select the channel tuning button to listen to the radio; rotate the volume button to adjust the volume.
3. Hold the hand crank and rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise to generate power by hand, preferably at 120-140 revolutions per minute. You can charge the internal rechargeable battery.
4. When charging a mobile phone or digital product, first connect the mobile phone charging cable and then follow 2.3. Note that when charging, the product being charged must be turned off.
5. Connect the USB cable or DC5V adapter to charge the internal rechargeable battery within 5 hours
6. If you want to use dry batteries, you can install 3 AAA1.5V dry batteries. This is the rechargeable battery will automatically disconnect.

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