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Tao Xun Pear Shaped Tao Xun Musical Instrument

Tao Xun Pear Shaped Tao Xun Musical Instrument

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Material: black pottery
Specification: Small Medium
Packing: bubble film
Surface treatment: black pottery
Color: medium, small

[Product name]: Tao Xun

【Number of holes】: 8 holes

Xun is a unique closed-mouth wind instrument of the Han nationality. The tone is simple and simple, and it is close to the Taoist nature of the instrument. The origin of Xun is related to the labor and production activities of the ancestors of the Han nationality. At first, it was probably made by the ancestors imitating the sounds of birds and beasts to trap prey. Later, with the progress of society, it evolved into a simple instrument, gradually increasing the sound hole, and developed into a melody instrument that can play tunes.
Xun is a kind of wind instrument fired in clay in ancient times, round or oval, with six holes (now eight holes, nine holes, ten holes, double octaves, etc., six holes are not common in the market). Also known as "Tao Xun". Pottery is common, but there are also stone and bone.

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